Monday, 14 April 2014


My daughter took this picture on the ferry and I have played around with it to come up with a cover for the entire Trilogy. So... what do you think?

I have now pressed the button and have published THE EVOLUTION TRILOGY as a box set to celebrate TWO years since HYBRID was released via Amazon... where did the time go?

It comes at a slight discount, via the Amazon KDP scheme, so any of you are on Amazon Prime you can download the entire trilogy for FREE... CLICK HERE!


Steven Thorn is about to discover that his life is not going to be straightforward. Before he does, he meets Caitlin and discovers the irrational attraction of first love. But, regardless of what he is and where his loyalty should lie, decisions have to be made and rules will be broken.

From the University of Southampton to the depths of the amazon jungle in Brazil, Steven and Caitlin will discover that in the game of love, destiny is always the winner…


“The Evolution trilogy was so much fun to read! All the components of a good series are there and I found myself thinking about the characters constantly. For me that is the sign of a good book - I can’t get the characters out of my head, they come to work and the gym with me and I try to figure out what will happen next.

I fell in love with Caitlin and Steven, the main characters in Hybrid, joined in on their adventures in Complications, and was rewarded with a finale that tied up all of the details and loose ends in Return book 3… A very satisfying ending! I highly recommend this trilogy.”
Susan L. Gerdon

“A great set of books. A must read for all. Imaginative story somehow believable. I would like to visit the community myself.”
Lovely Lane

“Really enjoyed all 3 books, find them so readable and hard to put down. As soon as you start reading you feel involved in the story.”


Speak soon & thanks again for all your support,
Keep smiling :-)