Friday, 18 March 2016

NEW COVERS for #TETrilogy

Last year I paid for five images via Shutterstock inadvertently since I was subscribed. The plan was to use them for my new book, but seeing as it is not ready I decided that I would get new covers for my Trilogy... and here they are!

Amazingly, it was four years ago, on the 27th March 2012, that I first published HYBRID via Smashwords!

Through Smashwords I found out a lot about formatting and design. If it was not right I would not get the exclusive Premium Status that enables it to sell elsewhere.

It was not until May, 2012, that I ventured onto the Amazon platform via KDP. Then going on to create my own paperback via Createspace.

Shortly after I joined this mysterious world I joined Twitter, etc... you can read my story here!

I was already working on the next book, Complications, so it did not take long to complete.

RETURN and EMILY followed in 2013 & 2014.

So, what have I been doing since then?

Truthfully, I have been working a lot more at my daughter's Primary school. First, as an MSA and now as a Maths Teacher! I also got some work as a Swimming teacher again.

I have really enjoyed getting back to this and using my qualifications.

I have not forgotten about writing though. I am working on another novel based on the life of my ancestors... Read more here!

And, of course, I still love to read & review other books... find out more here.

This book is taking a lot longer than I expected and I have decided to put more work into it to make it a one off complete novel, rather than a series.

I still have ideas for Steven, Caitlin, and the rest of The Evolution Trilogy characters... they are brewing in my mind and will explode on to the pages in due course!

This writing & publishing journey has been amazing and sometimes I struggle to understand how it all came about!

Thank you to anyone reading and for your support.

The question is, what do you think of my new covers?

My favourite has to be EMILY, although I think the HYBRID one is brilliant since it has morphed into Steven... the focus is in the right place!

I would love to hear your views and, as always, appreciate any feedback from you via comments or reviews.

Thanks so much for making these four years incredible.

From a stay-at-home mum to someone you can actually google! Ha ha

All the best,
Vanessa :)

Monday, 7 March 2016

Smashwords, #ReadAneBookWeek, 2016

Well, here we are again! Smashwords are again running there discounted promotion weeks & I have jumped on board to give you lots of discounts & freebies!

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