Monday, 21 October 2013

RETURN (The Evolution Trilogy) - REVIEWS & PUBLICATION DATE...

I have heard back from my editor and beta reader this last week and even though I have some work to do before Return is finalised I am really pleased with their feedback...

They have given me quotes to use to give you a flavour of what is to come...

"I started to read Return with great anticipation about how the story would continue, and how it would bring the saga to a conclusion. From page one I felt the same familiar feeling of being hooked as I had experienced with the first two instalments. The action continues at a good pace, keeping the reader guessing about what will come next. After reading the three books I had become invested in the characters and I really cared about how the story would end - and I was not disappointed! Well done Vanessa on completing your first series of novels - it's a great achievement and I look forward to reading your future works in the years to come..."

"A superb book, Vanessa, and I'm looking forward to a new adventure with your next "baby". Thank you for letting me read it!"

I have also decided that the publication date is going to be the 14 November - my Dad's birthday! :)

So, please look out for the release of RETURN on THURSDAY 14th NOVEMBER...

... as (fingers crossed both an ebook & paperback available via Amazon & Smashwords - other retailors should follow about 2 weeks later).

Thanks so much for your support,
Best regards
Vanessa Wester

Wednesday, 9 October 2013


I have been spending hours starting to get the formatting reading for the last book, Return, and then thought to brush up Hybrid and Complications whilst I was at it.

Now, can someone explain why what I though would take 30 minutes took 4 hours?!?!

So, annoying...

When I used to work as an Accountant I would get my stuff done really quickly, and then would be twiddling my fingers for the next job, or clock watching every minute... yet, this is truly the longest job EVER. It is never done, never finished, there is always something I can do better, some other social networking site I can join or update!

So, let me make it clear to any of you sceptical readers out there - this self-publishing lark is no biscuit! It's gruel! I must be mad!

You just keep smiling...
I am coming to the conclusion that for my next project I am gonna go a hunting... a hunting an agent! Tally ho!

Excuse my rant & if you want to make me feel like my time has been well spent please take a look at my updated descriptions for the books and leave some feedback!

By the way, I have also included my first editorial review, by Christine Thompson, a journalist from the local newspaper in Gibraltar. I am really chuffed with the review, and glad that someone who is not my ideal reader can appreciate its value - woo hoo!

Thank you :)

Vanessa xx

Friday, 4 October 2013


The end is in sight... The finale for "The Evolution Trilogy" will be out November.

I am just editing Return again, whilst I wait for feedback... excruciating time!

To celebrate, HYBRID is only 77p or $0.99 - so please take a look :)

Amazon UK
Amazon US

Speak soon, and thanks again for your support,

Vanessa :)