Friday, 26 September 2014

EMILY: Prequel to The Evolution Trilogy

I finally finished it! I am thrilled to share the cover for the prequel, EMILY. It is now available to buy via the pre-release options Amazon & Smashwords have set up... how exciting!

It will go live on the 31st October, 2014 - Halloween's day... a good day to release a book about a Vampire lady!

I am currently waiting for feedback via my fantastic readers & friends. It might still need some tweaking, but it is going to happen now regardless. Sometimes, you have to just set a deadline, otherwise a project can go on indefinitely...

The book is my first novella, coming in at just under 30,000 words - or roughly a third of the size of the other books in the Trilogy. I hope it allows you to get some insight into Emily's twisted mind and why she is so bitter and strange towards Steven. I always felt sorry for her (I know, she is a character, but a writer is allowed to get attached to some of their creations!). 

Either way, I will continue to read it over & over again over the coming weeks... and then will wait and see what you all think!

Thanks for reading,


Emily has not changed in fifty years. A freak accident made her immortal, or so she thinks. When she is finally allowed to return to her beloved England all is not as she expected. So much has changed. The past she was holding onto does not exist. Since the Second World War, people have embraced a new age. In this era, people have an obsession with gadgets, strange clothes and weird music.

Added to this her blood-lust has become insatiable and her promise to control herself is torn to shreds. That is until she meets Paul. She never expected to find love... and when it happens, can she do what it takes to hold on to it?

Fate has never been kind to Emily, and it gives her everything she wants at a cost. She must pay a price for being a murderer. For within her twisted heart lies a dark soul.