Sunday, 11 January 2015

Have I finally become a risk-taker?

Life has many risks. I have always been averse to this... I am a bear, not a bull!

However, it is good to try to go out of your comfort zone every now and again. To be bold and go bravely where no other, etc, etc...

Since I published back in 2012, I have avoided spending any money on advertising for fear that I may not get it back. I spent £10 on Facebook about a year ago and it did NOTHING! A complete waste of money. I might have thrown it on the fire for all it did.

However, last year I was lucky enough to be featured on FreeBooksy for free, and my downloads rocketed in the US. I also saw after-sales of my books, so it was a huge success. They now charge to be featured, so I decided to go for it and spend some money! I have actually made some money in 2014 (shock, horror, gasp!) so this is actually reinvestment... right?

I was featured yesterday on FreeBooksy. The feature cost $100 and I have had over 1200 downloads for HYBRID on that day (so not thousands as other authors claim), but this was enough to get me to the No.1 spot in my category! YAY!

I did not get into the top 100, which is a shame. This would surely have made the downloads reach the skies!

The amazing thing is that I have also had sales already. This really shocked me! I assumed readers would download my free eBook, and then decide whether to get the trilogy. Whoever you are - THANK YOU! I sincerely hope I do not disappoint you.

Anyway, I think I am nearly halfway to getting my money back on the second day, so its fair to say that this has been an AWESOME investment. I think that to get results you have to put your money in your pocket... (No, a sweet wrapper will not do!)

I have also been watching the Buffy TV series again, after having got the Box-set for Christmas. I am already on season 2! I have said before that my main character, Steven, is based on Angel. I have to say that I stand by that. My trilogy is not like Buffy. It lacks the humour (can we call it that?) and madness with all the crazy paranormal stuff that happens on the hell-mouth!

But, there is a serious side to Buffy at times (really) so my trilogy captures the trauma of first love and what happens when it is not possible. The whole Buffy-Angel romance really got to me. They could not be together regardless of how they felt.

My trilogy also has a SciFi element to it, a could-it-happen twist. With Buffy, we all know its pure and utter escapism in the paranormal, which is why I love it!

The Evolution Trilogy was inspired by my obsession with vampires, which started in the 80's with THE LOST BOYS (R.I.P. Corey Haim - so sad!), continued in the 90's with INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE, and exploded in the 00's with BUFFY and TWILIGHT.

I will always be grateful to Stephenie Meyer for encouraging anyone to write in an interview included in the TWILIGHT DVD back in 2010. I loved the TWILIGHT SAGA back then and was obsessed.

I guess I just love the brooding vampire...

Ultimately, Caitlin is my heroine in my trilogy. She follows her heart, makes mistakes, but then makes the most of her situation.

Steven is also a man of conviction, who follows his beliefs and does the right thing.

For me, escapism in the paranormal is fantastic, but I want people to have a conscience. We all have a soul, no matter how dark, and its important that we consider others before own own interests.

Writing EMILY was interesting. Some people will never do the right thing... they are simply jinxed!

Thank you again for your support. 2015 is looking great!

All the best,