Friday, 22 April 2016


Today, I have managed to write a whole chapter about


Steven's 15 year old daughter!

The story is finally going to be written, but be patient with me. I always knew when I finished the trilogy that another story was waiting to be written, but the right time had to come along. After spending the last year working on my historical ficiton novel, I realise this is going to take sometime.

Yet, writing about Cara was effortless... what can I say. I am a paranormal chick at heart!

Here is an excerpt... enjoy.
Vanessa :)

In a smooth freestyle, she reached the shoreline, and shook out the water in her dark black hair. Then she took off her wet clothes and changed to the dry ones waiting neatly on the branch.

‘You really are a show off, you know,’ a male voice teased, feigning boredom.

‘And you really are a peeping Tom!’ Cara snapped back.

‘You’re not going to be all shy on me now, are you?’ He jumped down from the tree he was perched on and swaggered over. ‘Hey, Babe. Did you miss me?’

‘You are such a jerk sometimes,’ she shook her head, focusing on her clothes, not him.

He stopped a metre away and folded his arms in front of his chest. ‘Don’t tell me you’re pissed again?’

This made her stop. Standing straight, she met his gaze and frowned. ‘Sven. You know it’s over. We just kissed a few times. That’s it. You have a thing for me. I get it. And I do like you too, but,’ she fought for words, as she took in his muscular arms, tanned complexion and dirty blond hair, ‘I’m just not ready for commitment. I’m a free bird. Okay? Why’d you have to get so serious all of a sudden?’