Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The second detailed edit is complete...

I have now sent my final book to my three trusted friends/ editors/ proof-readers - they are awesome! Thank you Katie, Lynn & Adam - you are stars!

Now, let's see what they say - I have no idea if they'll like it! I was convinced they would hate Complications but so far not too many complaints... amazing!

Anyway, a new cover can now be unveiled - I am aiming for a NOVEMBER 4TH publication date (think ... may the force be with you - I know, I am a geek!)

This was the contender...

What do you think? Which do you prefer?

I will wait for the feedback and start to prepare the paperback in the meantime... so much to do!

Thanks for reading

Vanessa :)

After the initial feedback I have tweaked the first cover... what do you think of this one?


  1. I like the picture in the first one, but I don't think the red shadow works on the font; it make the title look blurred. The yellow in the others is barely noticeable so the title stands out sharply.

  2. I see what you are saying but the strands have red in them too... I'll play around with some colours.

    Thanks for the feedback :)

  3. Like the green cover, but as AGL noted, the text looks blurred. Is the text on the other 2 books edged in yellow? Could you try the same here?

  4. I think the orange clouds is more in keeping with the previous 2 book covers