Tuesday, 10 December 2013

HYBRID is now FREE...

I did not intend to make HYBRID FREE. I ran a promotion where I gave out a coupon code for smashwords (as you might have seen in previous posts) and then ran a timed FREE promotion on KOBO for 2 weeks.

Now bear in mind that I have had my short story, FIRST DATE, free for months on smashwords & Kobo in the hope it would be price matched on Amazon, but it has never happened.

HYBRID was free on Kobo for less than a week and it was price matched.

So, I took the decision to let it happen.

I have blogged about how uneasy I am about this, but overall I have to be brave. If I want people to read my work it has to be downloaded. And at least, by being FREE this will happen... And I admit, it's so nice to be in the charts (even if it is the free ones).

So, a New Years present for you all...

ENJOY and spread the word...

If you enjoy, fantastic - please leave a review. If you don't like it, please be kind. If someone gives you something for free and it's not too your taste just smile and walk away (unfortunately you can't sell it on eBay later, but hey... be nice - thank you)

All the best,

HYBRID is FREE on Amazon (click on the link below), SMASHWORDS, KOBO, BARNES & NOBLE, edIESEL, SONY










SORRY, Hybrid as not been price matched yet in

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