Friday, 10 January 2014

A HUGE thank you...

I have just written a melancholy blog post on my main Author blog called "Perseverance" - where I discuss (or talk to myself as I write) my dilemma for the year.

Mainly, the question I ask myself is "should I continue writing or get back to my "real" job?

I don't have the answer to this yet, time will tell... but, from what I know most writers lead a double life - they have their day job and then at night they write.

Either way, I am extremely grateful for the moderate success I have had to date. Since HYBRID has gone free (or permafree - what a word!), I have had sales for Complications and Return. I have not had any new reviews on Amazon though, which makes me think readers don't love or hate it, or just have not read it! But, tracking sales/ ratings is driving me to insanity... I keep thinking "Why does that one sell?" "Why does that one get downloaded all the time for free and mine slips down the ratings?"

I am convinced that publicity and promotion is key, but if I do this all the time when do I actually write?

So, I have made a decision to write - yay! And I will have to watch as my books slide down the charts again - easy come, easy go!

If you happen to enjoy my books, it would make my day if you leave a review - on this blog, amazon, anywhere...

To those of you who have - THANK YOU. You are the reason I have worked so hard over the past few years. I know a lot of you have had enjoyment from my writing and so I know I have some promise. To those of you who don't like my writing - you know what, I respect you for sticking your neck out and saying so. I can be pretty critical too, but find I have to bite my tongue recently or I'll get accused of "jealousy".

Anyway, to anyone who visits this site for the first time... I hope you forgive my rant. Being an "indie" author is really hard, not all of us can achieve the sales Amanda Hocking got - she is what I call a true indie success story. She inspired many of us to give it a go, but I am afraid the bubble is set to burst or perhaps just loose air and fizzle out.

If you are a new writer I suggest you try to get an agent first, they are still looking for new talent. In this current market, they have found their feet and will use their marketing knowledge to sell books in a way indie's will struggle to compete against. Not every book should be represented or published, not every book is a mass paperback, but there is certainly enough out there to know that your book might have a place amongst the big boys! Don't lose faith, persevere... and if nothing works, ask me for help. I might be able to give you a few pointers.

Publishing a book is no longer hard - getting noticed is.

All the best,
Vanessa :)


  1. Well said! I'm glad you've decided to continue writing, your attitude gives me hope as well.

    'Invention is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.' I think old Ben had it right for just about any creative endeavor.

  2. Thanks a lot, Gary - and as I said that I saw RETURN had reached the no.6 slot!

    So, there you go... I feel like I'm addicted to checking the charts though. It's like, enough... STOP LOOKING! HA HA :)