Sunday, 8 June 2014


I decided to have a play around to come up with an alternative cover for HYBRID, since I have a suspicion this is what lets it down on the FREE charts. Let's see if it makes a difference...

Some readers have mentioned that the existing cover tells them nothing about the story... so, what do you think?

(BITES NAILS... I have now changed it around 5 times!)

The paperback will have the original cover, since I do not sell or print many of these.

I would love some feedback...

Thanks so much (another 2 hours of my life gone by in a flash...)

All the best,

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"A very original paranormal novel with great romance and a unique story-line..."
Christopher Fischer, TOP 500 REVIEWER

"When you first start getting into the story you automatically think Vampires, but as you discover more, Vampires is not the correct term for Steven's new family... It's well worth the read and as I got to the end I was frantically swiping my kindle screen looking for more as I wanted to know what happened next. I will definitely be reading the next book and would highly recommend it."
Orchard Book Club

"Not usually the kind of book I like to read, although I was a big fan of Anne Rice in my youth. The unexpected twist in the tale made for compulsive reading, literally forcing you to discover what happens next. This story had it all, brilliantly written, loads of interesting characters, mystery, romance with an unsettling undercurrent of tension. I cannot wait to read the rest of the trilogy!"
A Dawes

"I was not sure that this book was going to be my thing, but I couldn't put it down. I loved the characterisation and Vanessa's style of writing - these are 'unbelievable' characters made completely believable!"

"This is a captivating work that crackles and pops off the page with sparkling originality, wit, and insight into the larger themes of love and the human condition. Do yourself a favor and read it.
D. Byron


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