Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Please Read & Review... help the Author!

I have a favour to ask...

Many of you might have read my book, HYBRID for free and enjoyed it. 

If so, I would love it if you reviewed my book. Apparently, the more reviews I have, the more Amazon promotes it. You might have to review it directly on Amazon, which is a pain - sorry! Sometimes, it does not work directly from your Kindle.

If you have also read & enjoyed the rest of the trilogy, then please share your thoughts.

I have had HYBRID free for nearly two years, and am amazed I don't have more reviews to show for this considering the thousands of downloads!

Thank you so much & I hope you understand the reason for the request!


Fate finds us...


Passion controls us ... 


Destiny defines us...


Desire binds us...


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