Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Evolution Trilogy ***NEW PAPERBACK***

Exciting news! A new paperback is on its way for the entire trilogy!

After a lot of work sorting the formatting and arranging a new cover, I have put together a paperback which will hopefully be cheaper for people to buy.

I love paperbacks and still prefer them to eBooks. I now own a kindle, but call me old fashioned...

With Createspace, the price of books is still too high. Considering they print on demand, it is a great price - if I paid a publisher it would cost me thousands! However, when competing against the traditional publishers and their online deals, my price is too high!

At £7.95 per paperback, I currently make about 50p on each book!

However, I will now be able to price the entire trilogy via amazon at £18/ $28 a book! That's a huge saving for you all... and I make the same for all three books!

Either way, I wanted to buy them in to sell at the Isle of Wight Festival where I will be giving a talk! I am also doing a fun session just for kids! I do love all things creative! :)

For more information CLICK HERE

If you are local and would like to meet me then visit the Isle of Wight on Sunday 19th October... tickets available now!

I hope some of you appreciate my efforts.

All the best,
Vanessa :)

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